Absolutely Grounded is to live a life rooted in movement

To be Absolutely Grounded is to live a life rooted in movement, self-love, and joy.

“Living a pain-free, ageless life is only possible when we understand the power of creating a harmonious connection with our mindset, emotions and physical bodies.” – Conni Ponturo
Conni Ponturo, Self-Love and Joy Coach, Life Coach, Self-centered Coaching

At Absolutely Grounded, it’s our mission is to allow you to feel at home in your body no matter what your shape or size. To be Absolutely Grounded in the joy of who you really are. You are what you focus on so as you focus on the good your body can do you, you’ll realize the more your body is capable of doing. We invite you to emerge in your joy, self-love, and connection… set free by tapping into the intelligence of your body.

Over 50 & Fabulous Playlist, Life Rooted in Movement, Self-Love and Joy

Over 50 & Fabulous Playlist

Have you forgotten about your body and you’re not sure where to get started?

Incorporating the 3 M’s into your daily routine –  movement, mindset, and motivation – allows you to emerge into a life filled with movement, self-love, and joy, bringing you step-by-step into the freedom you desire.


The world is a reflection of how you think. Have you ever noticed how your day starts to determine how it ends and how you feel, for instance, if you spill coffee on your shirt as you walk out the door, one by one things will escalate with your negative thoughts and you’ll end up having a terrible day? As much as we don’t want to admit it, we are in control of our day. Watch what you say, your body is listening – think positive thoughts and have a great day!

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Falling into Joy Journal

Books & Publications

Conni is a best selling author, having written books on falling into joy and the body’s intelligence. She incorporates her years of experience in dance, as a pilates instructor, and helping people move through pain into each of her books. Conni pours her heart and joy for life into every page she writes, leaving you feeling filled with the keys to achieve your ultimate life of freedom.

Free Stuff

Daily Doses of Health

Daily Doses

Get a jolt of inspiration every day in the form of short videos that are less than 5 minutes and are everything from words of wisdom to mini exercise videos.
Debunking The 5 Myths About Exercise

Debunking the 5 Myths about Exercise

Find out the 5 myths preventing you from achieving your best results, and how you can move past these obstacles starting today.
7 Day Free Trial

7 Day Trial

For a limited time, Conni is offering unlimited access to her full library of on-demand inspiration, meditation, and workout videos for free! Just click this yellow button to get started.
“Joy is the juice of life freshly squeezed, how will you drink it in?”

About Conni Ponturo​

Conni is a vitality expert that has been guiding her clients from chronic pain to loving their bodies and feeling joy for over 20 years. Conni specializes in serving those that feel like they do not have a home elsewhere. Conni has built a community of all shapes and sizes, and while the majority of members are fabulously over 50, she has clients of all ages. In 2020 Conni expanded her LA physical studio to serve clients worldwide virtually. Conni is now able to help a greater community to live the life of joy they deserve. If you’re experiencing pain, or would just like to be more grounded in love and joy welcome to Absolutely Grounded, your new home.
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On-Demand Fitness

Get Fit In 5 Challenges


Did you know that just 5 minutes of movement, mindset focus can have a huge impact on your overall health? Did you know all you need to do to achieve your ultimate life of freedom is incorporate three words starting with M into your daily routine? Find out how you can challenge yourself into achieving a life filled with joy, self-love, and movement.

Mini-Series & Playlists​​

Do you have a particular affinity for meditation classes, a need to work out some kinks with stretches or a foam roller? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to try out a Barre class. Or maybe you want to learn how you can workout with regular household items like a pillow. We have a wide range of playlists and mini-series to suite your needs.
Mini Series and Playlists
Fault Vault Access

Full Vault Access

Conni has recorded hundreds of videos of inspiration, workouts, and meditation of varying lengths for you to watch at your convenience. Whether you want to workout, bring a little inspiration into your life, or get a better night’s sleep through meditation, Conni has videos to suit your needs.


Virtual Studio



Conni offers live pilates mat classes, delivered virtually every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday as well as evening meditation classes every Monday.


When asked to close the doors of her Absolute Pilates Upstairs studio at the beginning of 2020 due to a pandemic, Conni quickly pivoted and moved her studio online. Conni gives the same personalized attention and joyful motivation to move online as she does in studio. These live virtual classes are fun, informative, and transformative.
Classes, A Life Rooted in Movement


Owner of the highly regarded, Absolute Pilates Upstairs, based in Woodland Hills, California, Conni serves as an innovative transformational movement and lifestyle coach. Her expertise in rehabilitative training makes her highly sought after by the medical community for her ability to create a safe environment for recovery from hip replacements, spinal fusions, knee replacements, and other serious injuries. Conni holds multiple certifications including those from Pilates Method Alliance, Balanced Body, and Physical Mind Institute. She is a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist with The Pink Ribbon Program. Conni Ponturo knows that the answer to pain-free living is within us.

What's Your Joy Age?

Conni believes age is just a number. If you live a life filled with joy, self-love, and movement you can live a vibrabrant, healthy life filled with joy and happiness well into your hundreds. And a young person filled with stress, self-doubt, and living a stagnant life can appear “old”. That’s why Conni is committed to providing the tools and knowledge necessary for anyone at any age, to live a “youthful” life filled with joy, self-love, and movement.

Have you forgotten about your body and you’re not sure where to get started. From couch to freedom allows you to emerge into movement, self-love, and joy, bringing you step-by-step into the freedom you desire.

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