“Living a pain-free, ageless life is only possible when we understand the power of creating a harmonious connection with our mindset, emotions and physical bodies.” – Conni Ponturo
Conni Ponturo, Self-Love and Joy Coach, Life Coach, Self-centered Coaching

At Absolutely Grounded, it’s our mission is to allow you to feel at home in your body no matter what your shape or size. To be Absolutely Grounded in the joy of who you really are. You are what you focus on so as you focus on the good your body can do you, you’ll realize the more your body is capable of doing. We invite you to emerge in your joy, self-love, and connection… set free by tapping into the intelligence of your body.

In this course you'll learn:

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Course Playlist

Chapter 1 Banner What is your body saying to you?
Chapter 2 Banner Our monkey mind keeps us in the loop of the same thoughts.
Chapter 3 Banner This chapter is about moving into the body
Chapter 4Banner Learn how your pain can be your greatest gift
Chapter 5 Banner The body has its own intelligence. Can you listen?
Chapter 7 Banner Learning how to breathe more deeply.
Chapter 8 Banner Your brain is your most important organ. How can we protect it?
Chapter 9 Banner Secrets to adding more vitality to your life.
Chapter 10 Banner Aligning with your best, most vibrant self.
“Joy is the juice of life freshly squeezed, how will you drink it in?”

About Your Instructor

Conni is a vitality expert that has been guiding her clients from chronic pain to loving their bodies and feeling joy for over 20 years. Conni specializes in serving those that feel like they do not have a home elsewhere. Conni has built a community of all shapes and sizes, and while the majority of members are fabulously over 50, she has clients of all ages. In 2020 Conni expanded her LA physical studio to serve clients worldwide virtually. Conni is now able to help a greater community to live the life of joy they deserve. If you’re experiencing pain, or would just like to be more grounded in love and joy welcome to Absolutely Grounded, your new home.
Conni Ponturo


Your "Listen" Master Class Options

If you’re living in chronic pain, if you think you can’t have movement in your life, or if you’d just like to experience more joy in your day, come with me on this journey and learn how to redefine what it means to age and move into a more vibrant life filled with movement, joy, and less pain.

"Listen" Digital Master Class

Watch What You Say Your Body is Listening
$ 97 Monthly
  • Access to all 10 lessons, including over 30 modules
  • Access to all helper materials, including supplemental movement & meditation videos
  • Access to pre and post health assessments
  • Access to the Absolutely Grounded app, community, & health tracking features
  • In-app notifications from Conni
  • Receive advanced notice of any events or special offers
Most Affordable

"Listen" Digital Master Class VIP

Watch What You Say Your Body is Listening
$ 57/Weekly Weekly
  • Receive everything in the standard package
  • Receive weekly coaching from Conni Ponturo during the length of the master class
  • Go further with access to Conni's private movement & meditation community
  • Gain access to Conni's Video Vault for the duration of the master class
  • Receive advanced notice of any VIP events or VIP special offers
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