To be Absolutely Grounded is to live a life rooted in movement, self-love, and joy.


Can you push back from your desk and work out from home for 5 minutes 6 times a day? That will give you 30 minutes of overall exercise to nourish both your brain and your body. The number 1 step to having a healthy brain is exercise. By adding movement to your day, your focus becomes keener and more centered. If you feel chained to your desk going from meeting to meeting, unable to fit movement in, here is your answer. Your health is your wealth.

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Yoga nidra meditation: is meditation practiced lying down. The hardest part of yoga nidra is to stay awake. All I ask you to do is get comfortable and do absolutely nothing, listen and relax.

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Pilates ball call is an opportunity to work with your body more deeply. The ball allows you to access your abdominals in a way that protects your lower back. Plus, it adds a level of fun to your workouts.

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A flowing Pilates mat class that moves from exercise to exercise, allowing the body to feel strong and flexible. Modifications are suggested, and these classes are for mixed levels.


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The foam roller feels good on your body. It is one of the myofascial release techniques that are so valuable for overall health. If you have a tight or tender spot using the foam roller can open and release your muscles.

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Resistance bands are a great way to help in stretching tight muscles. Plus, you can use them to strengthen the muscles in your body.




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Using weights in our mat workout can develop your overall strength. As we age, keeping our muscles strong is key. Use can pick the size of the weights that work the best for you.



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You are already fabulous but keeping your body strong as you get older is a game-changer for your overall health. By working out with this playlist, you have chosen to put yourself first. Congratulations.

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Enjoy access to hundreds of engaging, fun, and motivating videos. And enjoy the comfort and convenience of working out from anywhere in the world with a variety of classes that make use of everyday objects.
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