Listen, Watch What You Say Your Body is Listening, Master Class

With over 1.5 billion people living in chronic pain, we’ve forgotten how to live a pain-free life filled with joy and vibrancy.

If you’re living in chronic pain, if you think you can’t have movement in your life, or if you’d just like to experience more joy in your day, come with me on this journey and learn how to redefine what it means to age and move into a more vibrant life filled with movement, joy, and less pain.

"Conni has been bringing Joy into my life for the past 14 years. With mind, body, and spirit I have never felt stronger in my life then I do now with her zoom mat classes! I have been taking reformer classes for a long time and feel such a connection to my body. Conni brings an exuberant spirit and an extreme knowledge of the way each exercise is helping your body. I mention mind as well because Conni also teaches an amazing meditation class that has really helped my well being! She is an amazing instructor and an incredible person, I always look forward to my workouts with her."
-Jill H.